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Camping on the Harbor Islands

So, in putting the cart before the horse...

I booked a camping trip for us this coming June on the Boston Harbor Islands - specifically, Bumpkin Island. I figure that our daughter will be 3 by this point (and my parents took me while I was still an infant for my first time, though not to the islands...) and she's decided that camping sounds super fun too. We'll see how reality matches up

Do any of you have any experience camping out here? More specifically, how easy is it to get the gear to the site off the boat, stuff like that.


Photographer Seeking Home Birthing Opps

From b0st0n (if you missed it)...if you or someone you know is planning a home birth, pass this on.

"My name is Hallie, and I'm a journalism/photojournalism student at Emerson College. I'm doing a project on the homebirth movement in Massachusetts this semester, and I'm looking for homebirths to photograph.

If you are planning a homebirth in/around Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, or know someone who is, I'd love for you to pass my information along! Please feel free to email me (hallie.mathia@gmail.com) and I'm happy to send you links of my work and to talk with you further. You'd receive a CD with all the images I make to do what you want with (birth announcement, etc).

Thanks so much!



hallie.mathia @ gmail.com"

ThredUp.com Reviews? And a Poll Too!

So, I just read a mixed review of ThredUp, a clothing swap service for kids, over on boston.com (review here: http://www.boston.com/business/technology/articles/2011/01/31/clothing_swap_service_a_mixed_bag/)

In spite of the mixed review, I thought I'd try it anyway since my tot is now growing out of 2T tops, but not bottoms, and this seemed a kinda cool way to get rid of the PILES of outgrown clothes we've amassed.

I was wondering if any of you have used this service AND if any of you would be interested in maybe starting a more local version of this kind of swap (free of charge even?) as part of this community (participation optional).

I know I've given away tons of her old (half of them never worn) clothing to charity, churches, neighbors-in-need and so on, but right now, I'm still about to buried under mountains of the stuff.

Anyway, please vote below and also let me (us!) know if you've used thredup.com and what your experiences were like.


Poll #1677159 b0st0n_parents Clothing Swap - Would You?

Would You Be Interested in Participating in a b0st0n_parents Clothing Swap for Kids?




I'm not sure if I ever mentioned in this group or not the fact that our son does not live with us during the week because of university housing rules. This week my husband was offered a job that will allow our son to finally live with us full-time. The new problem is finding childcare. We're on an extremely tight budget and I know that we definitely can't afford a nanny and a corporate day care center like Bright Horizons. However, we could afford some of the other corporate day cares or a home daycare. For reference right now we pay 50 dollars a day to a home day care on the South Shore (and I'm very well aware that that's going to be next to impossible to pay in the city).  So my questions to you ladies:

1. Is your child in day care? (home or corporate)
2. How did you find out about this day care?
3. Approx. how much do you pay a week in childcare?

We're hoping to get Owen up here with us no later than March 1st but I don't even know if that's feasible. Any information you ladies have will be much appreciated.


So, now that it's winter, I thought I would share a brief list of links for things to do - before the kids make you too insane.

A list of Sledding Hills around the metro area (in case you haven't found the perfect one yet).

Skating on The Frog Pond. You'd be amazed how many people forget this option during the winter (including me even though we're downtown almost every weekend). 4$ to skate, kids under 13 are free. Bring your own or rent!

Chinese New Year festivities are ongoing in Chinatown right now. Events are free and there are vendors and lots of fun sights.

Disney on Ice - Toy Story Trilogy Tickets are on sale now for the February performances.

Somerville Winter Farmer's Market every Saturday at The Armory (191 Highland Ave, Somerville) from 10:00 - 2:00. Entertainment, wine sampling, lots of fresh food - and it's inside too.

Feel free to post more links if you know of something else going on in the next couple of months.

Eating question

Anyone know of any good resources for, or better yet, have experience getting toddlers to eat fruits and vegetables? My son, who just turned 18 months, doesn't really want to eat fruits or veggies if they are in a recognizable form (except for the occasional banana at day care). He has no problem eating them if they are blended in with other things like homemade smoothies or the YoBaby 3 in 1 meals, but it would be nice if I could get him interested in the things that mommy and daddy eat without too much fuss.

I've seen a lot of books and web sites geared toward getting your child to eat healthy, but they seem mostly concerned with cooking healthy recipes and not so much with the "and this is how I convinced my child that green beans aren't laced with arsenic". While I appreciate the former and fully endorse healthy eating, the latter is much more helpful in my mind.

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Originally found in davis_square, thought this might interest some of you. The OP raves about the place...

Kesher, the Hebrew after school program on Somerville Ave , is having a set of open houses for new families in Cambreville/Arlington. Not only the quality after school care and learning, both Hebrew and Jewish tradition, but the diverse, funky community that goes along with it. Details after the cut.

*Kesher Open House*Collapse )

Another Drop-In Indoor Playspace!

Read in the Brookline Tab...

Starting today, and occurring every Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am-Noon, there is a playspace available in the gymnasium at the Soule Recreation Center, 652 Hammond Street in Brookline/Chestnut Hill.  The article did not mention that it was a residents only kind of thing.  $4 at the door, money goes towards new toys for the playspace.  Ages 6 months to 3 years.