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b0st0n_parents's Journal

If I Hear BoMoms One More Time, I'ma Choke a Bitch
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Boston Parents
BOSTON - Not Just a Town for Frat Boys and Drunks

People with families live, play and party here too. This community was designed not necessarily to be "Family Friendly" but for parents in Boston and the surrounding areas to network, share ideas, event information, recommendations for all things kids (from babies, infants and toddlers to the young adult who just won't leave home) and to set up play dates for kids and adults alike. (They make babysitters for a reason).

Please note that membership is moderated due to the recent influx of spam many communities have been receiving. Only members may post or comment here, however, anyone can browse! Membership requests are approved as soon as received/reviewed. Thanks for your understanding.

Rules of Engagement

Really...the rules are simple:

1. Feel free to vent to other adults who will understand. Just remember, this isn't therapy.

2. Share all kinds of info except personal stuff like your babysitter's phone numbers or pediatricians personal e-mail. That's private and up to them to give out. E-mail each other instead. Please.

3. Remember that this IS a public forum. Whatever you post here, pictures of your kids or your own information, can be seen by anyone in the whole, wide intrawebz (which is actually the world, you know).

4. Do NOT mock another member for his or her views on parenting. So help me, I will find a computer in the desert to banninate you for doing this. Every parent and every child is different and there are as many viewpoints about everything from baptism and religion to potty training and diapers to feeding, schooling and spanking as there are people in this world. So, respect each other just that much and maybe you'll even learn something.

4a. Don't push your parenting ideas on any of the aforementioned on anyone else. Friendly advice is one thing, but preaching and whining will force me to create a b0st0n_parents_snark and then a b0st0n_parents_snark_snark community and I just don't have time.

Feel free to e-mail me for any reason. I will get back to you. It just might take a day or two.

If you have ideas for layouts, icons or ways to make this place better, please share.

Administrative Notes:

1. Please ensure that all posts are viewable to Everyone (Public) and NOT Members Only.

2. Please do not delete comments or entries. If you feel that a comment or entry is offensive, is in violation of the aforementioned Rules of Engagement, or is spam, let bombardiette know in a PM and it will be fixed with keenness and speed.