Classic Pooh Pack n Play For Sale

We didn't try very hard to sell this a while back, but it's still here, taking up space. Classic Winnie the Pooh Pack n Play for sale. Click here for the Craigslist ad:

Also, not advertised (or pictured), a 3-stage chair for infant through toddler. Comes with tray, play mat for tray, all straps, and a lovely and clean pad. Attaches to any dining chair securely. We got tons of mileage out of it but now, our daughter is sitting at the table like a little lady. *sigh* Anyway, I would ask 15 for that. If interested, comment or PM me here.


My 3 year old's birthday pary is Sunday, and it is supposed to be at a park in Brookline. Now Irene is going to be causing storms, so we need a plan B. I looked at our Y to book a party, but man, they wanted almost $300. Are there any semi-affordable playspaces in Brighton/Brookline? I can call to see if they have last-minute accommodations,orthewise, I guess the party will be postponed. Stupid Irene.


do we need a permit to have a birthday party in a local park? We're low key people and strapped for cash, so we were thinking pizza, cake, drink boxes, and kids enjoying themselves at a local Brookline park in our 'hood. 
Last thing we want is trouble with the city.




Stuff for Sale

Hey all. I posted to d_s yesterday with some other stuff for adults, but if you missed it, we're having a neighborhood yard sale in Malden on the 16th and I thought that, since I'd be in Davis on Saturday and could bring stuff to you (if it's easier), that I'd give the denizens of LJ a first dibs. So, I have the following kids stuff for sale:

* Light wood crib, full size. NOT a dropside but one slat will need gluing. Used for 2.5 years and in good condition. Mattress not included - 30$ OBO
* Jeep Jogging Stroller with rain cover - 45$ OBO
* Winnie the Pooh Pack n Play with two sheets (taken out of package but unused). The mobile for this is long missing/destroyed by daughter, but in otherwise excellent shape. - 40$ OBO
* Baby/early toddler music table - 5$
* Playskool Ride n Go walker converts to ride-on toy - 3$
Licky Kitty

Pediatric Dentists Anyone?

My daughter had her 3 year checkup a week ago and her pedi was going to give me a business card for the pediatric dentist she recommends in Cambridge. But we both forgot and I know I need to get this kid in somewhere soon.

Sooo...anyone have any recommendations for a pediatric dentist in Malden/Medford/Camberville areas?

How to Deal With Picky Eaters

I know there was a pretty good conversation going on at some point in this comm regarding kids who don't eat, and I just found this cool article over in regarding the very topic!

Happily, our own pediatrician is totally on board with this school of thought and feeding, but there are some interesting points here and conversations with local parents who also deal with this issue.

Hope it helps some of you!

Cross-Post from davis_square

Originally posted by t_stop in davis_square...

Hi Community!

The Open Center For Children, where my daughter has attended since she was 2.7 yo, is having an Open House tomorrow. We've been nothing but happy with the center and feel our daughter has come a long way emotionally, socially and educationally in her years there. There are still a few openings available for fall 2011, so stop on by and find out about it!

Here's the official announcement:

Who? All families looking for an exciting and nurturing preschool learning experience for their children

What? Open Center for Children is holding an Open House

When? Saturday morning, March 12 from 10 – 12:00

Where? 155 Powderhouse Blvd. Somerville near the Tufts campus

Why? To learn more about a wonderful program that has been serving families since 1972

For More Information: Phone 617-628-3891 or email or visit

We Have a Winnah! From Yesterday's Parent Rant...

This is why I should probably create a snark community for b0st0n_parents. While reading through the new posts since yesterday in the Share Your Rant forum, I cam across this gem (which, as you shall see, ends up being both a rant AND a parenting drive-by all in one!):

"You don't WORK? OH, my god, what do you DO all day?" Said to me by a "working mom" when I was a stay-at-home with two children under two years old. Ummmm ... I do all the things you pay your illegal nanny and your cash-under-the-table housekeeper to do."

Submitted by
Michelle Mercurio
Sent on March 9, 2011, at 3:58 pm

I am posting my own response now. It reads:
"From this very forum! From Michelle in Hingham, on working moms (which I happen to be): "Ummm...I do all the things you pay your illegal nanny and your cash-under-the-table housekeeper to do."
Yes! Because all working moms can afford nannies and housekeepers and never, of course, lift a finger in their own homes or actively engage in raising their own children. Ever. In fact, we don't work to put food on the table and pay the bills. We work to AVOID BEING MOTHERS! We pay others to do it for us. That's why we work. You're on to us. Good job."
Boston, MA

Camping on the Harbor Islands

So, in putting the cart before the horse...

I booked a camping trip for us this coming June on the Boston Harbor Islands - specifically, Bumpkin Island. I figure that our daughter will be 3 by this point (and my parents took me while I was still an infant for my first time, though not to the islands...) and she's decided that camping sounds super fun too. We'll see how reality matches up

Do any of you have any experience camping out here? More specifically, how easy is it to get the gear to the site off the boat, stuff like that.